Special Edition: The Pets Behind the Vets (Part 2)

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Welcome back to our Special Edition: The Pets Behind The Vets (Part 2). Our staff animals are once again very excited to tell their stories and how they came into our life. So please sit back and enjoy their stories that have altered our lifes.

Meet Joy

Hello everybody! My real name is Joy, but you can call me Bunny (I think it suits me more). I like to consider myself more as a cat personality trapped in a bunny’s body. No cage for me, just free to roam the house. Today I’m going to tell you all about a day in my life!

In the mornings, my favorite thing is to jump on the bed just before the alarm clock goes off. Sometimes I like to hop all over my humans and pretend they’re a giant bouncy castle. Mom usually makes grumpy noises and feeds me (it works every time, I’ve trained her quite well). Next we do the litter-box game. Mom’s goal is to scoop all my poops up. Meanwhile, my goal is to jump in the litter-boxes and make cute nose-wiggles at her until she pets me instead. Did you know bunnies can have up to 300 poops a day?

Some days mom’s off work, and we snuggle and read books together and I try to act super cuddly. Other days mom’s working (she calls herself Dr. Mellish) and I have the house to myself to wreak havoc. I found dad’s shoelaces are fun to chew off. Maybe if I get them short enough, he won’t be able to leave. Hehehe, I should keep trying! Speaking of chewing, that reminds me that they’ve almost entirely bunny-proofed the house (how disappointing). I keep a close eye out for anything they missed – cell phone chargers, t.v. remote buttons , and houseplants are my favorites to chew. Oh, and mom’s stethoscope once! That one was awesome! Gnawed right through it in two places and even ate the ear pieces. Yum. Mom seemed worried but I was totally fine.

Evenings are cuddle time again. I like it best when both mom and dad sit on the couch together because then I can squeeze between them and get double-snuggles.  I’m great at snuggling, which makes up for all the trouble I get into. If mom and dad don’t pet me, I’ll lick them as a reminder. Anyways, that was a day in my life. Hope you enjoyed my story!


Meet Lucky

My name is Lucky, I’m a 1 year old domestic short hair who was rescued (by Kayla) from the winter weather. My owner  is the best, ever since she rescued me I’ve felt great. I for sure thought I was going to die as my mom abandoned me at birth and I was left to fend for myself. When my owner brought me in the house I had a really bad cold she took me to the vet and got some medication and cleared it all up in 10 days.  I use to live with 2 dogs until the one passed away around what my owner calls Christmas, I got in trouble for trying to play with this shiny thing hanging from the tree (apparently it’s not a toy). I like to hang out on my owners shoulders while she does stuff around the house, except for when she turns on the water. My hobbies include attacking my owners feet once she falls asleep and scratching at the carpet. I’m so happy to have a home to call my own and a human who will wait on me hand and foot. I sure am one “Lucky” guy…..hahahaha get it! I crack myself up sometimes…

Meet Rufus

Oh hello, I didn’t see you there. My name is Rufus I am a beautiful 9 year old tabby cat. I have lived with my mom Erica for my whole life.  My mom got me when I was only 4 weeks old or so she tells me. At first I was very scared of the world. I was so young I would hiss at my mom thinking that she would be scared of me. She wasn’t. My mom was very gentle with me and I came around in no time. I have the best family. I live with 4 other kitties and these weird creatures my mom calls sugar gliders (they look like chipmunks to me but whatever makes her happy) but you will learn about them later, this blog is about me. My mom says that I was a very good kitten but an even better adult. I like to watch the birds and squirrels out of the big sliding glass door into the backyard. I think I am a hunter but we all know that I just pretend. Most days I enjoy sleeping on the couch while my mom watches tv or cuddling with her. I also get a burst of energy once and a while and run around the house but mostly I like to sleep on the couch.  I really enjoy my food. My mom says that I am getting a little chubby but I think that I am just fuzzyJ. Thank you for taking the time to read my story because I am probably the most interesting one out of my family, they will say otherwise but we all know the truth. Have a nice day.

Meet Tigger

Hi my name is Tigger. I am a 2 year old tabby. I see that my brother Rufus beat me to the punch. He thinks he is so smart. I live with my mom Erica. Her friend rescued me and 3 of my siblings from a barn. My biological mom ran away and we were all alone and scared. She took all of us home and called my human mom right away. She came over and saw me and instantly fell in love with me, yes I am that cute. I think that I was 2 weeks old when I went to live with Erica. She had to bottle feed me which to this day I think was amazing because I didn’t have to do anything. I would cry and she would come with warm kitten milk and feed me, I would just lay there and enjoy my meal. I spent most of my first year going to work with her. She says that it was because I was too young to be alone but I know that it was because she liked showing me off.  I stay at home now making sure everything is in working order.  In my spare time I like to look out the window and run around with my brothers. I am the only girl in my house so I make sure to keep my brothers in line. Those little plastic springs are my favourite thing to play with. I just hit them with my paw and off they go so I must chase them down.  I am not an early riser though I do like my sleep. My mom says I am a bit lazy, but I’m a cat what does she expect? In the picture that will accompany this little write up about me you will see how beautiful I am but I have to go there is a squirrel outside I must go stare at.

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