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  • Brian with a small owl on his finger

    Special Edition: The Pets Behind the Vets (Part 2)

    Jan 25 2018

    Welcome back to our Special Edition: The Pets Behind The Vets (Part 2). Our staff animals are once again very excited to tell their stories and how they came into…

  • golden cat wearing a Stethoscopes

    Tips for Keeping Your Cat Healthy

    Jan 15 2018

    Cats are very strange creatures. They have been domesticated for about 10,000 years and yet we still have a hard time understanding them. Cats do a very god job at…

  • two paws in the snow

    Winter Paw Care

    Jan 03 2018

    When the weather gets cold and there is ice and snow on the ground, our canine friends still need their daily exercise. Some extra precautions should be taken to keep…

  • Happy new Year poster with firework and ribbon

    New Year, New You-who dis

    Dec 25 2017

      New Year Tips The holidays are an exciting time for us humans. We have family gatherings, meeting up with old friends, and decorations to celebrate the season. However, it…

  • cat with elf hat and another with santa's costume in front of a Christmas tree

    5 Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

    Dec 18 2017

    1. Avoid Poisonous Holiday Plants  If you have furry friends at home its best to stay away from these festive fauna: holly and mistletoe. Unfortunately, these plants can cause severe…

  • Fears, Anxieties, and Phobias

    Dec 04 2017

    It is natural to avoid situations that may be dangerous. Fears may range from a normal startle response to a sudden noise to an extreme phobia that interferes with a…

  • Domestic cat, kitten stretching out paw, portrait, close-up

    Declaw Debate and Other Options

    Nov 27 2017

    Onychectomy – or better known as Declaw – has been in the News recently and is gaining ground. Here is the New Update on Declawing according to the CVMA: News_Release_2017_-_Declaw_Position_Statement_-_17-Mar-2017…

  • Helping Cats Get Along with Feliway Friends

    Nov 20 2017

    Ceva Animal Health has is introducing a new product called “Feliway Friends” which helps to reduce tension and conflict between cats. Nursing mother cats naturally product a cat appeasing pheromone…

  • cat laying on a marble counter

    4 Steps to a Healthier Cat

    Nov 13 2017

    How to make sure your cat attains her ideal weight and maintains a healthy weight for life. 1. Track your cat’s weight Losing weight can propel your cat toward better…

  • cat plays with blue ball

    Toys That Are Safe for Your Kitten

    Nov 06 2017

      Kittens love toys, and half the fun of having a kitten is playing with him and his toys. Toys are healthy for developing kittens minds. Kittens that are deprived of toys may…