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  • a picture of the flea cycle

    Everything you need to know about TICKS

    Jun 18 2018

    Ectoparasites are organisms that live on the outside of an animal. Ticks are fairly common ectoparasites of dogs (and cats). How often you see ticks on your dog and how…

  • Domestic cat, kitten stretching out paw, portrait, close-up

    Declaw Debate and Other Options

    Jun 06 2018

      Onychectomy – or better known as Declaw – has been in the News recently and is gaining ground. Here is the New Update on Declawing according to the CVMA:…

  • cat standing on the back of a sleeping man

    Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up Early In 4 Steps

    May 30 2018

      It’s the one day you get to sleep in and the next thing you know you get that wonderful paw in the face or you’re being serenaded at 7…

  • cat laying on a marble counter

    4 Steps to a Healthier Cat

    May 13 2018

    How to make sure your cat attains her ideal weight and maintains a healthy weight for life. 1. Track your cat’s weight Losing weight can propel your cat toward better…

  • What the flea?!

    Apr 27 2018

    Its is flea season! Fleas are now out and about looking to catch a ride and a meal from your pets. There are a couple ways to prevent fleas from…

  • Cat wearing a rabbit ear painting paint on a dog surrounded by Easter eggs

    Easter Safety

    Mar 28 2018

    Easter is a time of joyous celebration for many. Much planning goes into family gatherings and the fun, food and festivities to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. But…

  • poster showing and explaining Lilies are toxic to cat

    Lilly Toxicity- Beautiful flowers but very DEADLY!!

    Mar 20 2018

    Lily Nephrotoxicity There are many different species of plants called “lily”: Easter lily, day lily, Asiatic lily, tiger lily, peace lily, calla lily, and lily of the valley, among others.…

  • poster to alert pet owner to look out for Canine Influenza

    Canine FLU SZN: H3N2

    Mar 12 2018

    What is canine influenza? Canine influenza, or dog flu, is similar to the flu that effects humans but this can only infect dogs. This is not a new virus and…

  • puppy with thermometer laying on a green cushion


    Feb 20 2018

    With spring right around the corner, the frozen ground will start to melt and the snow will turn into puddles which could be dangerous for you and your beloved dog.…

  • Brian with a small owl on his finger

    Special Edition: The Pets Behind the Vets (Part 2)

    Jan 25 2018

    Welcome back to our Special Edition: The Pets Behind The Vets (Part 2). Our staff animals are once again very excited to tell their stories and how they came into…