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    Everything you need to know about TICKS

    Jun 18 2017

    Ectoparasites are organisms that live on the outside of an animal. Ticks are fairly common ectoparasites of dogs (and cats). How often you see ticks on your dog and how…

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    Apr 30 2017

    The relationship between our pets and fleas is a parasitic one. This means that it is a type of relationship between two organisms of different species in which one organism…

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    A potentially fatal species of tape worm is beginning to be common in southern Ontario

    Mar 19 2017

      A species of tapeworm (Echinococcus multilocularis) has recently been discovered in Southern Ontario. Originating in European countries, this small (2-4 mm) parasite can be transmitted to humans and occurs…

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    Dental Awareness Month

    Feb 10 2017

    Each year in February, Veterinary clinics like to raise awareness for dental health in pets. However, oral hygiene is an important part of your pet’s overall healthcare every day of…

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    Choosing the Right Food for your Pet

    Jan 13 2017

     There is no topic in the pet-industry that can spark as much debate as “Pet Food.” Since this is merely a short blog, we will not be discussing all of…

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    Winter Weather Tips

    Dec 09 2016

    As we fill our pet’s Christmas stockings this month, it is a perfect time to start thinking out some ways we can help them out in the colder weather. Exposure…

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    SPCA Christmas Donation Drive

    Dec 09 2016

    This  holiday season we are collecting donations for the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.  The SPCA is completely donor- funded and helps to find homes for thousands of animals every single year. Your…

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    Rabies Vaccination Clinic

    Jul 29 2016

        In response to the increase of wildlife rabies in Hamilton and surrounding areas, Beattie Pet Hospital is working in union with the Ministry of Health to offer a…

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    How Prevention Can Reduce or Eliminate the Need for Pet Emergency Care

    Oct 11 2013

    Pet emergency care can save your pet’s life in a crisis, but preventing such a crisis in the first place is even better. Preventative care for your pet can save…

  • Beattie Animal Hospital Offers Boarding and Daycare

    Jul 02 2013

    Do you travel for business and hate having to ask a friend or neighbor to stop by and feed and exercise your pet? Or, maybe you work long hours, too…