Pet Of The Month

Beattie Pet Hospital is bringing back Pet Of The Month!!

How do you enter?

Send us a recent picture of your pet being her/his adorable self to our Facebook, Instagram or Email [email protected] before June 30th – 6:00pm

If you do not use any of these, you are welcome to stop in and get one of our staff to take a photo of your pet to submit.

How do you vote?

All photos will be posted on our website, our Facebook and our Instagram on the 1st of the month. To avoid a ‘popularity contest’, the highest ‘liked’ pet on Facebook will receive one vote and the highest ‘hearted’ pet on Instagram will receive one vote. The other votes will take place in clinic.

What do you win?

Pet Of The Month winners will receive a gift basket with supplies from our sponsors, catered either to a cat or a dog.

Your pet’s photo will be posted on our website as the Pet Of The Month winner.


Pets entered must be an up-to-date patient of Beattie Pet Hospital Stoney Creek.

You may only submit one photo per month, photos with multiple pets will be allowed.

Photos must be appropriate for all ages.

Staff members may not apply.