Spaying & Neutering

At Beattie Pet Hospital, our surgery team is here two to three times a week with eight to ten surgeries a day. Spays and neuters are all day appointments with drop off between 7:30am and 8:15am the morning of the appointment. Drop offs the night before can be arranged if needed at no extra cost. It is important to not be late for these appointments as the surgery preparation is started right away. 75% of the high estimate is due upon drop off with the remainder due on pick up that evening. We ask that they do not eat after midnight the night before, so no breakfast in the morning, but if you could bring food with your pet, we can feed them when they wake up. In order for us to spay or neuter your pet, vaccinations must be up to date, either with your cat having FVRCP and rabies or your dog having DA2PP and rabies. If your pet is over five years old, bloodwork and fluids are mandatory to make sure your pet is as safe as possible. Your pet is monitored the entire time they are under our care.



A spay is a surgical procedure done under anesthesia that involves the removal of your pet’s uterus and ovaries; which will eliminate any chance of pregnancy, reduce the risk of bacterial infections, reproductive tract diseases and several types of cancer. Breast cancer alone kills 90% of the cats and 50% of the dogs that are diagnosed. This will also put an end to the messy heat cycles of your dog and the off-key mating screams of your cat.


A neuter is a surgical procedure done under anesthesia that involves the removal of your pet’s testicles. This procedure with prevent your pet from reproducing, reduce the risk of prostate and testicular cancer and limit pesky behavioral issues; such as roaming, fighting, humping and spraying. A cat neuter can reduce urine marking by 90%, even if they have been in the habit for some time.

Both procedures are known to improve your pet’s behaviour, but your pet will still be the pet you remember, these procedures will not change their base personality. They will still be just as affectionate, protective and playful as they have always been, just without the aggression and mating instincts that come with the reproductive hormones.