Urgent Care

Emergency Hospitals In The Area

(905) 529-1004

50 Dundurn Street South, Hamilton L8P 4W3

(905) 637-8111

775 Woodview Road Burlington L7N 3S1

(905) 641-3185

3300 Merrittville Highway #1A Thorold L2V 4Y6

While Beattie Pet Hospital in Stoney Creek is not an emergency hospital, we do see urgent cares when our schedule allows it. We ask that you call in advance so that we may check our schedule and either alert our team or refer you elsewhere. We have the ability to triage and stabilize most cases, but not being an emergency hospital means we may not be able to treat some cases. See the following chart below for what consists of a regular sick pet appointment, an urgent care appointment or an emergency.

Sick Pet Appointment

These are appointments that do not be seen urgently, while we are aware your pet may be in discomfort, there is an extremely low chance of fatality.

  • Infection

Urgent Care Appointment

These are appointments that are urgent, while we are able to handle these appointments, if we do not have the space available, we will refer you to an emergency hospital.

  • Has not used the bathroom in a few days

Emergency Appointment

These are appointments that should go to an emergency hospital, as we may not be equipped to treat them.

  • Extreme Blood Loss