Beattie Animal Hospital: Tips to Keep your Pet Cool this Summer

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Most pet owners already know that the summer heat can be deadly for pets left in cars. Never leave your pet in your car. That’s a great start – but you still need to come up with a variety of ways to keep your pet cool at home when the temperature soars. Heatstroke and dehydration are big problems for pets in the hot weather months, even those that don’t leave home.

These tips from our Burlington veterinarians will help you keep your dog or cat safe all summer long:

Reduce or Limit Activities During hot Hours

Cut down on playtime during the hottest part of the day and the hours just beforehand. Playing outdoors can cause your dog’s temperature to rise, and his fluffy coat will make it hard to cool back down again. Play or do some vigorous activity in the morning and your pet will be ready to rest – not run – during the hottest part of the day. Beattie Animal Hospital vets can give you an idea of how much exercise your pet needs.


Good grooming is always helpful for your pet’s health – but it is absolutely essential in the spring and summer. Less hair means less heat and lower temperatures. Consider getting a grooming or haircut for longer haired breeds, and brush all furry pets well to remove excess fur. Burlington can get hot enough for your pet to need one or more summer grooming sessions.

Offer Tempting Shade

Most animals will seek out a cool spot on their own – but if your home or yard doesn’t have a ready- made spot, offer some shade. You can buy a pet house for this purpose, but you may find your cat is just as happy with a cardboard box or other vessel.

As always, your Beattie Animal Hospital staff is here for you if you have any questions or concerns about keeping your pet cool.

We’d love to know — what’s your favorite stay cool tip for summer?

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