Choosing the Right Food for your Pet

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 There is no topic in the pet-industry that can spark as much debate as “Pet Food.” Since this is merely a short blog, we will not be discussing all of the issues that surround the pet-food industry. However, with the growing number of pets suffering from obesity, the New Year is a perfect time to examine whether your pet’s food needs to be changed.


There is no better resource than your Veterinarian when deciding which food is right for your pet. Every dog and cat has unique needs and if your pet has a specific medical condition, there is likely a prescription diet that will work in conjunction with their medication to help with that condition. Below is a picture of our retail section at the Stoney Creek. People often think that “Prescription” diet means a higher price tag, but this is not always the case. The cost of a prescription diet food varies depending on it’s purpose. There are also over-the-counter maintenance diets that are specially formulated for growing, adult, and geriatric pets. The proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” can be applied to the food you feed your pet. A healthy diet is key to building a strong immune system.


If you decide to buy your pet food from a pet-store retailer or grocery store, there are often so many options that it can be confusing when deciding which one is right for your pet. Food labels can be difficult to understand, and there is a big push from marketers to draw in consumers by advertising that meat is the first ingredient. When deciphering a label, understanding the meanings of “by-product,” “meat-meal,” etc. is very helpful. Check out the link below for a complete break down and explanation of the items that you will see in an ingredients list:


Consumer Affairs is also a good resource when you want to compare different products. They have ratings and reviews available online so that you can check out the food online before going to the store to purchase it. The link is below:


Not all pet foods are created equal. You can check your product label and check the “nutritional adequacy statement” to see if it has undergone an AAFCO nutrient profile or feeding protocol. This is a good indication that it has met certain standards. To learn more about AAFCO testing, please click on the following link;






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