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Vision & Mission Statement


“Beattie Pet Hospital family strives to provide and excel in evolving veterinary medicine within our communities with compassionate and high quality care to enhance the human-pet bond.”


“It is the mission of Beattie Pet Hospital to provide passionate pet care for the sick and healthy, and to invest our knowledge into others for a better tomorrow.”


We shall advocate responsible pet ownership, animal welfare and educate our clients so they can be successful pet owners.

  • We shall maintain strong professional ethical behaviour in providing pet care and services as outlined in the OVMA guidelines for ethics.
  • We shall treat our patients, clients and professional colleagues with the upmost respect and courtesy
  • We shall share joys of pet ownership with our clients, provide reassurance and sympathize during the difficult times
  • We shall build a strong team within each department of our hospital
  • We shall honour the terms of the veterinary oath at all times
  • We shall deliver  pet care services in the most efficient and cost effective manner
  • We shall continue to learn and to teach so that our employees are well educated
  • We shall remember the 4 C’s of pet care, Compassion, Competence, Commitment and Common Sense
  • We shall place a very strong emphasis on attitudes and actions that promote teamwork and communication. We believe that the employee should deliver up‑to‑date services to our patients that consistently demonstrate compassion, sincere concern, and sensitivity in the most humane manner possible.