Product Of The Month

To assist in education our clients on the different veterinary brands we carry, and their benefits, we will be celebrating a product of the month! Each month we will highlight one of our many amazing veterinary brand diets in hospital, providing information and sales or rebates to help you find the best diet for your pets.

Hill’s Prescription t/d has been specifically formulated to aid in your dog and cat’s dental health. It is clinically proven to reduce plaque, stain and tartar buildup. It also formulated to help target urine pH, so help reduce crystal and stones. Prescription t/d is also recognized by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) and proudly displays their seal of approval.

There is an association between oral health and systemic general health issues which affect the heart, kidneys and metabolic systems. Keeping your pets teeth healthy and clean help to keep these organs healthy too! This diet is complete and balanced and provides all the nutrition your dog needs!

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