Beattie Pet Hospital Veterinary Services for Maintaining Optimal Health

Beattie Pet Hospital veterinary services includes both preventative care and urgent care services for your pet. Our facility, which serves the Stoney Creek, Burlington, Binbrook, Hamilton and Grimsby areas, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year to ensure that your pet never has to go without top-notch veterinary care. Even on weekends and major holidays, our hospital is staffed with seasoned veterinary professionals well versed in performing surgeries and successfully treating a wide variety of pet illnesses and injuries.

Certainly the most veterinarian-recommended surgery, spaying or neutering your pet ensures that your pet does not produce unwanted puppy or kitten litters. It also often improves your male pet’s disposition and calms his tendencies to roam off of your property. Our on-staff surgeons routinely spay and neuter cats and dogs, and perform a number of other surgeries, including emergency C-sections, orthopedic surgery, nail de-clawing and lumpectomies.

Our veterinary staff is trained to spot heart abnormalities in your pet, such as appetite loss, strained breathing and exercise avoidance. Our competent staff members utilize modern technology, such as EKG readings, ultrasounds, blood work and X-rays to determine the extent of your pet’s heart problems, and alerts you of the immediate treatment options available at our pet hospital to successfully begin managing your pet’s symptoms.

Our Stoney Creek pet hospital staff is trained to perform head-to-toe examinations that can uncover illnesses and injuries hidden in your pet’s mouth or hair. Like people, pets can suffer from a wide variety of dental ailments, including gum disease and tarter buildup. We can perform teeth extractions or oral surgery if necessary and we clean your pet’s teeth under anesthetic to maintain their good oral hygiene.

Your pet can also develop potentially life threatening skin conditions, or suffer from seasonal allergies that negatively affect its coat. Our veterinarians and staff can run diagnostic tests to uncover the root causes of your pet’s discomfort, and begin immediate treatment to eradicate problems. Our goal is to provide services and care that will benefit you pets from an early age into their senior years.

Pet Boarding and Grooming Reservations Available at Beattie Animal Hospital Location

To better serve the needs of our customers, our original location in Brantford, Beattie Animal Hospital, offers pet bathing services in addition to full-scale dog grooming services provided by professional groomers. You can drop your dog off for a “spa” day that includes a nail clip, coat brush, relaxing bath and even a pedicure.

Beattie veterinarians also offers boarding services at  Beattie Animal Hospital in Brantford that include air conditioned and heated facilities, an outdoor fenced-in walking area, and a feline-only area. The boarding area houses several accommodation sizes to ensure that your pet remains cozy and comfortable throughout its stay with us. We also offer day care services for your dog or cat. Please call either location for more information, or to make a reservation for your pet at one of our facilities.

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