Matthew RVT

Matthew has been at Beattie Pet Hospital Stoney Creek since 2014 as a Veterinarian Technician and now our Operational Manager. He Graduated back in 2009 from the Northern College Veterinarian Technician program, and has worked been working in Small Animal Emergency Practices for the last 13 years.
He has volunteered at the American Animal Health Association Conference, and has taken special courses on Blood and Urine Analysis. He has also traveled to the National North American Conference in Orlando Florida, and Western Conference in Los Vegas as education is top priority in any medical profession.
Matthew lives with 2 cats and is often found talking about his Maine Coon named Isabelle. As she is able to open all doors, turn on and off lights, and is often found taking a bath in the kitchen sink if left unattended.
There is no denying animals are his life.