New Policy: Anal Glands

As of January 2023, we are now requiring that all pets coming in for an anal gland expression appointment will need an up to date consultation with one of our doctors. This not only continues to establish a doctor-client-patient  relationship, but also ensures that your pet is getting the BEST care possible in case of complications. There is nothing worse than having an unexpected anal gland concern and a doctor is not available to give immediate advise.

New Policy: Nail Trims

As of January 2023, we are now requiring that all pets coming in for a nail trim appointment will need to be up to date on their Rabies Vaccine, via either our hospital or with an up to date record from another clinic. This requirement is for the safety of all our team members involved. Accidental bites do happen, especially when our pets are stressed or unsure in an unfamiliar environment. The Rabies Vaccination is not only a legal requirement in the province of Ontario, but also will be a necessity if Public Health needs to be contacted due to a bite or a claw that breaks skin.

New Policy: Declaws

As stated by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, “We strongly oppose declawing because from an ethical viewpoint, the surgery is unacceptable. It offers no advantage to the cat. It is evident that felines suffer needlessly when undergoing this surgery as an elective measure.” We at Beattie Pet Hospital – Stoney Creek support this statement and will no longer offer declawing services.

Covid-19 Update

Current Update: All restrictions have been lifted. Here you will find our past updates regarding the restrictions for Covid-19.

Past Pet Of The Month Winners

Pet Of The Month to Beattie Pet Hospital in Stoney Creek is currently retired. Check back to see when we’ll be able to run this competition again.