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Why do I have to pay for...

  • a consult?

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  • medication?

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  • an outside script fee?

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Why do I need...

  • a consult and a heartworm test for flea/tick/heartworm medication?

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  • a consult for a new patient before surgery

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  • up to date vaccines for a spay/neuter?

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Why can't I...

  • get medication without seeing a doctor?

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  • just have an appointment over the phone?

Veterinarians can’t diagnose over the phone. Besides being unethical and illegal, diagnosing by phone doesn’t allow veterinarians to physically examine a pet. A physical exam is necessary so your veterinarian can provide an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Treating a pet for the wrong disease or condition will cost more in the end and could be harmful or even deadly to your pet.

  • return medication after I have left the clinic?

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Do you...

  • perform at home appointments / euthanasia?

Unfortunately, we do not. However, we do have phone numbers for veterinarians that do. Please call us for these numbers.

  • offer payment plans?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any payment plans through the clinic and payment for services is required at the time of your pet’s visit. Our veterinarians are happy to discuss cost with you at the appointment and we do accept most pet insurance plans here. We also accept payment plans through Petcard.


  • is the doctor going to call me?

Every day that a specific doctor is working, they usually have appointments for eleven hours straight with one lunch break that they sometimes take. They make most of their follow up phone calls after the appointments finish for the day. If emergencies happen throughout the day, these push their phone calls to later on, in which case an email may be sent instead. We understand the anxiety of waiting, but please remember that you have not been forgotten.

Can I...

  • see the same doctor every time?

If you would like to see a certain doctor every time, please ask our reception team to put a request on your file. We will make every effort to accommodate your preference. There may be circumstances that prevent a certain veterinarian from being available during your pet’s visit, including: scheduling conflicts, emergency situation, and vacation. In these cases, we will make you aware and ask permission to book you with a different veterinarian.

  • get a copy of my pet’s records / vaccine history?

Absolutely! We can email these to you or you can pick them up at the clinic.

  • get a refund if the treatment doesn’t work?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds for veterinary care. Not all health problems have a straightforward solution. Some may be chronic, requiring a long-term management plan; others may be more difficult to diagnose or may involve several causes. A cure may not always be possible, and treatment may be ongoing. Our fees cover the cost of examining, testing, diagnosing, and treating your pet. Please let us know if something we recommended or prescribed isn’t helping. We want to work with you to find the right answers for your pet.