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Helping Cats Get Along with Feliway Friends

By November 20, 2017 Uncategorized

Ceva Animal Health has is introducing a new product called “Feliway Friends” which helps to reduce tension and conflict between cats.

Nursing mother cats naturally product a cat appeasing pheromone to help their kittens feel safe and secure and to create a harmonious bond between them.

Feliway Friends is a synthetic copy of this appeasing pheromone and helps promote harmony in multiple cat homes by reducing tension and conflict.

Behaviours associated with cat tension and conflict:

Blocking access to an area, staring, chasing, fighting, hiding from other cats, and hissing/growling.

Feliway Friends can be used as a stand alone response to these issues, or can be used in conjunction with Feliway Classic (for reassuring cats and controlling unwanted behaviour).

Thank you to for their video!

Do not hesitate to contact Beattie Pet Hospital of Hamilton with further questions!  Feliway Friends will be available in the New Year!

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