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What the flea?!

By April 27, 2018 Uncategorized

Its is flea season! Fleas are now out and about looking to catch a ride and a meal from your pets. There are a couple ways to prevent fleas from hitching a ride on your pets. Follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of a flea infestation: 

Yard and Environment 
It is important to keep your yard and property well maintained, Grass should be cut, shrubs be trimmed back. As you do your spring cleaning make sure all openings or crawl spaces are sealed off to the outside so wild animals are unable to nest close to your house, wild animals will bring fleas to your pets. Keep your pets food bowls inside, this discourages wild animals from coming to your yard. 
Practice Prevention on your Pets
Using flea prevention is the best method to keep these little critters at bay. While paying for medication at the beginning of the season may seem expensive it is cheaper to prevent a flea infestation then to have your pets be infested and come in for treatment. Here at Beattie Pet Hospital we offer many different types of prevention and it is best to ask the advice of your Veterinarian for which product is best. 
Treat and Prevent Infestations
If you are using flea and tick control products it is unlikely that an infestation will occur. If fleas do invade your home, take quick steps to get flea medication on your pets. Next, start to vacuum carpets thoroughly. If you chose to use an insecticide in your house consult your Veterinarian for their recommendation and make sure your pets do not come in contact with insecticide

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